Why Did I Write A Real Estate Novel?

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I recently released my new book, Bedford Falls.

Every time I gave a manuscript of Bedford Falls  to a friend or colleague, they’d ask, “Why did you write a novel?” The setting of the story is the world of real estate in Columbus, Ohio – a place I know and love. But still, there are always trade-offs, and writing a novel takes a lot of time, energy, and focus. So, why did I write a novel?

I suppose the answer is, like so many of you in real estate, I like to connect.

 Why do you …

  • Organize golf outings,
  • Establish real estate groups, and
  • Launch so many charity events?

Because you are connectors. You bring people together. You gravitate towards being with others.

It’s time to reconnect! This makes for a good excuse to get together.

Over the last couple of years, when it was challenging to maintain relationships, I wrote Bedford Falls, with the idea that it would create a great opportunity to get together with friends and colleagues for breakfast, a cup of coffee, or who knows, maybe even a group-luncheon or two, where all of us can reconnect! I’m open to your suggestions!

That is why I wrote Bedford Falls, a novel.

And yes, you can order the Kindle version here at Amazon.

Or click here to order a paperback edition at Amazon.



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