5 Reasons Why We Embrace Chaos

Photo of a business woman juggling picutres of a house, a soccer ball, a financial graph, a wallet full of dollars, a calendar. She appears overwhelmed. Chaos is not Your Friend.

A friend of mine once said, “Chaos is my friend!” While he was kidding, I could sense that there was a part of him that relished multitasking a hundred things at the same time. It was almost like a game for him; a game he thought he played well.

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Chaos is not Your friend!

One of the main reasons people avoid creating a life plan is because they have become comfortable with chaos. This manifests itself in 5 different ways. 

  • Dealing with chaos can be addicting, like a game.

    • If you’re good at juggling chaos, it can almost seem like a fun challenge.
  • Dealing with chaos begins to feel normal.

    • Sometimes, we become so accustomed to feeling overwhelmed by chaos, we begin to think that it is normal to be that way.
  • Accepting chaos becomes a badge of honor.

    • Some people actually wear the chaos in their life as a badge of honor. It goes something like this: Can you believe how overwhelmed my life is? My life is so scattered and hectic, I must be an important cog in this wheel of life!
  • We equate being busy with being productive.

    • I will never forget this conversation I had very early in my career with a successful owner of multifamily investment property.

He asked, “How’s business?

I replied, “Really good. I’ve never been busier.”

He bluntly asked, “Are you earning any money?”

My response was truthful, but awkward. “No, not really.”

This taught me that being busy is not necessarily the same as being productive.

  • Chaos provides us with a handy excuse.

    • How many times have you heard someone say I have so many things going on right now, there’s just no way I can get it all done? Isn’t that just another way of saying I keep so busy, how can I be expected to take care of all of the priority items on my list?


Replace the insignificant. Make room for the important stuff!

People who focus on a specific plan are:

  • More thoughtful
  • More intentional
  • Better organized

They are:

  • More productive
  • More energetic
  • More creative

Chaos … not completely unavoidable, but more manageable with a SPLP

A Single Page Life Plan© helps you deal with chaos in your life. It forces you to focus on priorities that have earned their way to page one!

Learn more about creating a Single Page Life Plan in your life, here .

Question: What do you do to reduce chaos in your life?


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