The Power of a Single Action Step!

If you could add an hour to every week of your life, how would you spend those extra 52 hours that you pick up each year? Exercising? Reading? Enjoying some quiet time?

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How I saved $3,500 from the power of a single action step!

You can add that hour to your week if you choose Stop Hitting the Snooze Button as one of the Action Steps of your Single Page Life Plan©, because most snooze alarms are set for nine minutes. Those 9 minutes, multiplied by 7 days, adds up to over an hour per week! This illustrates the power of a single Action Step.

A 15 minute mystery …

A time-management consultant once told me the story of a doctor who complained to her that he always seemed to be 15 minutes behind schedule all day long. She visited his office  to try to solve his problem. What she discovered was remarkably simple … he regularly began his first appointment of the day, with his very first patient, 15 minutes late! Simple Action Steps can make an enormous impact on your life.

My simple Action Step was made on January 1st, 7 years ago

I’ll leave it to you to determine how important this action step was, but I really believed it change my life for the better. I decided to

drink water instead of ordering soft drinks in a restaurant. Since then, I have

  • Replaced over 200 gallons of caramel-colored, caffeinated pop with clear water, and
  • Saved over $3,500 in after-tax dollars, along the way.

The downside …

Of course, there is always the downside. Now, my doctor says I am not working enough potassium sorbate into my diet. And where am I going to get my daily requirment of aspertame?

But this shows the power of a seemingly innocuous, relatively small Action Step. The funny thing is, after ten days I actually preferred the taste of the water. Action Steps, large and small, can be life-changing!

Question: What single Action Step have you taken that has made a major impact on your life?

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