“I Wish I Had Smoked More Cigarettes!”

When I volunteer-speak to 7th and 8th graders, or to high school students, I make them this promise:

Cover of Seeing Past Friday Night

Nobody ever looks back on their high school years and says

“I wish I had smoked more cigarettes. I’d be up to a pack-a-day smoker by now!”

“I wish I had stayed out more often, drinking until  2:00 am in the morning.”

“I wish I had bought a bunch of drugs while in school.”

They don’t. And you won’t either.

A fear of missing out on something

Many people use drugs, alcohol, and tobacco because they think they are going to miss out on something if they don’t. They fear they will look back and regret that they didn’t partake when they had the chance!

I promise you absolutely, that you will never look back and feel as if you missed out on anything.

Nobody looks back and wishes they had spent more days fighting off hangovers, sleeping in past noon.

Nobody likes the 6 months they spend paying off the attorney they hire to defend their DWI.

And you will not either!

But, you will miss out on bad consequences 

  • But you might look back with serious regrets.
  • Did you hurt someone?
  • Did you waste a lot of time and money?
  • Were you distracted from goals that are important to you?
  • Did you adversely influence your brother or sister’s behavior?
  • Did you form an addiction?
  • Did you jeopardize a career opportunity?
  • Did you do a hundred things that you never intended to do?

Now is time for you to be intentional; to decide.

Now is the time to write a letter to your future=self, and sign a Just Say No Promise Agreement!

Click here to sign up to the JustSayNo.org blog, and download a free copy of the agreement.

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