Your Single Page Life Plan Should Not Be P.O.S.H.

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The brilliance of a Single Page Life Plan© lies in its simplicity. It must never be P.O.S.H. – Perfect, Overloaded, Set in stone, or Hidden.

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Your life plan is not the Magna Carta! It is an important document—but it’s different. Your life plan is a blueprint of how you want to live your life. It forces you to identify your goals and strategies, and it makes it easier for you to gauge results and to stay accountable. However, it is not meant to be all-inclusive or perfect.

Mark Twain once said, “Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.” So, don’t get mired down searching for a grand epiphany here. Just get things going in the right direction.


Peripheries are not Priorities! Peripheries in your life have to earn their way to Page One! Until then, they are distractions; they are clutter. They are second and third ideas that keep getting in the way of your first good idea. Place a laser focus on your most important goals. Don’t let your laser beam be diffused by a wide array of useless, energy-zapping activities.

Set in Stone

Your plan is a working plan that you will want to continually update, edit, and change; sometimes in very dramatic ways. Circumstances are always changing. Like airplane pilots, we are sure to experience cloudy days, unexpected headwinds, and high-pressure systems along our journeys. We need to be nimble and able to adapt quickly as we keep our focus on our destinations.

Your life plan is to be used as a tool, not adored! Be prepared to take a pen or pencil and scratch up your life plan.


Share your plan with others! Studies show that people are more likely to achieve success while on a diet if they share their goals with friends and family. Similarly, if you share your life plan with others, it will help motivate you to stay accountable to your goals and aspirations. And, by knowing what your plan is, your friends, family, and colleagues will be able to help you ahieve your plan.

If your Single Page Life Plan is not P.O.S.H., it will be easier for you to use. You will refer to it regularly, which will help you change course when necessary. It will be fast, simple, and life-changing!

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