Simple Isn’t Easy … Only Better!

Einstein often commented that unlocking the greatest mysteries of the universe would be useless unless you could make them be understandable to a young student.


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Don’t mistake simple for easy

It takes a lot of effort and creativity to reduce things to their most simple form.

The genius of Albert Einstein was not that he could comprehend so many of the complexities of space, time, gravity, and light. All scientists can do that. His genius was in his ability to simplify those complexities into an understandable theory of relativity.

How Einstein Simplified Complexity

Einstein discovered the simple. He sculpted away the clutter and left us with the meaningful. He chopped away at row upon row of mathematical calculations and left us with E=mc².

He simplified complexity! It was not easy—but it was better.

The Single Page Life Plan is designed to bring the simple back into your life in a fast, fun, and creative way. Hopefully, it helps you to identify the truly meaningful things in your life; the significant things that matter most at work, home, or play.

Synchronize your universe!

The successful people I observe and try to learn from do not compartmentalize your life. They synchronize every aspect of their life to achieve the overarching goals they have. They get in sync!


There are 5 elements to the Single Page Life Plan:

  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Life Categories
  • Action Steps
  • The Boxes
  • The Signature

Simple isn’t easy … Only better!

We’re not juggling String Theory here, but we are talking about adding energy to your life. You could almost say that E=SPLP. Try wrapping that around your head, Mr. Einstein!

Question: What is the best thing you do every day to simplify things at work and home?

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